Classroom Materials

Education Series: Grades 4th - 6th

The Impact of a Story

January 2022 | The goal of this lesson is to introduce the concept of a story as an impactful resource. Stories are able to demonstrate how our actions affect others, how easily we can be influenced, and also how our perception of people can be incorrect until we take the time to understand them. This lesson includes activities that push students to explore people outside of their immediate cliques by socializing with others from different backgrounds and groups.

The Power of Gratitude

October 2021 | The goal of this lesson is to introduce gratitude as a regular practice and to show how it can have an effect on our mental health and awareness for the needs of others. This lesson includes a gratitude journal activity worksheet, where students can record and are encouraged to consciously observe their moments of gratitude.

More Than a House

September 2021 | In this lesson, we explore the link between having a disability and the risk of homelessness, as well as the correlation between health issues and homelessness. Students will learn how factors such as unaffordable housing, difficulty accessing benefits, and expensive healthcare affect the risk of becoming unhoused.

Factors of Homelessness

June 2021 | This lesson explores the factors that can lead those in our community to experience homelessness, such as shortages of affordable housing and barriers to employment. Students will come to understand how having a safe place to call home can impact many aspects of someone’s life and learn how difficult it can be to have that through a budgeting activity.

Mental Health Matters

May 2021 | In this lesson, we aim to create an awareness of an individual's mental health and its impact on the world. Our goal is to help students engage in community action and advocacy for mental health resources.

Spread Kindness

March 2021 | This lesson explores fostering an attitude of giving that is year-round, not just in the cold and holiday seasons. The lesson also discusses the snowball effect of giving and encourages regular habits of volunteering and giving.

Building a Beloved Community

February 2021 | In this lesson, we introduce the concept of Martin Luther King's vision of The Beloved Community with the goal of helping lay the foundation for understanding how to live in a diverse community and contribute to making a community safe for all people.

Be A Good Neighbor

January 2021 | The goal of this lesson is to introduce the concept of neighborliness and unique ways to help others in their community. It is important for this age group to learn about neighborliness as they begin learning to engage in their community and in the service of others.

Loving Your Neighbor

December 2020 | The goal of this lesson is to introduce the story of Room In The Inn through the story of the Nativity. Additional activities include a variety of ways to Love Your Neighbor. There is also an activity for families to Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas by making a Welcome Home Basket for someone who is moving from homelessness to their new home.

What is Homelessness

November 2020 | Let’s start at the beginning with a seemingly simple question: “What is homelessness?” In this lesson, we discover that the answers are varied and complex. We also explore how each of us can relate to our neighbors’ stories and how we can help others in respectful and truly impactful ways.