Serve A Meal

Room In The Inn serves meals to both the general and residential populations at our downtown campus. Our dining room feeds both the body and soul, offering a place where one can be served and waited upon, receive hospitality, and experience community. Here are some of the ways you and your organization can serve our community:

Lunch: General Population

Lunch is currently served to approximately 200 members of our community Monday-Friday from 11:30-1:00. We ask volunteers to arrive at 11 for set-up, assignments, and a brief orientation.

Meals for Residents

We serve three meals to the roughly 80 participants in our residential programs seven days a week. This includes individuals seeking short-term recovery in our Guest House & Recuperative Care programs along with residents in our Transitional programs.

Special Community Meals

There are opportunities to serve in our special meal programs for veterans, youth, and those who have moved into housing but return to our campus for a weekly community dinner. These smaller meals are typically served “family style” and lend themselves to sit-down conversation. 35-40 individuals are typically served.