Linda Crossan: Freedom Through Art

Linda Crossan began volunteering with Room In The Inn’s education program in 2013 when a friend from church invited her to come and help with the short story class she taught. Linda was hooked quickly when she got to know the people who were coming to class. She enjoyed getting to know the people she had served in her congregation through Room In The Inn in a different way and seeing how they reacted to literature.

In addition to continuing her work with the short stories class, Linda put her long-time talents as a visual artist to work in Room In The Inn’s art studio. She has introduced her students to projects ranging from colorful mandalas to book making to wire sculpture.

Linda says, “the opportunity to offer a creative outlet to the Room In The Inn  community is a real gift to me. Art provides a freedom of expression that this community needs. I know that when I do art I am able to be more fully myself and I think many who come to do art need the opportunity to be creative too, to tap into that part of themselves they can’t always find a way to express. Part of what I love about teaching art is to offer materials and sometimes some direction and then to stand back and watch where others take it. I am rewarded with many surprises and witness amazing talent.”